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    What is

    TearGuard Tablet is a nationally certified ethical drug for dogs due to its efficacy and safety. It has a significant effect on Cystic conjunctivitis, Epiphora, and Pyoderma. It also removes and prevents the tear stains of dogs as well as dermatitis caused by bacterial contamination, which helps them to regain the clarity and radiance in their eyes.


    Active Ingredients (in each tablet)
      Tylosin tartrate 60mg Titre

    Dosage Form : Round-shaped White Tablet



    Prevention and treatment of pyoderma and conjunctivitis, treatment of Pruritus and eythema caused by Staphylococcus infection



    Orally administer 10mg to 20mg of Tylosin per body weight, twice a day for 4 weeks.

    [Recommended Dosage for Removing Tear Stains]

    Body Weight

    Daily (Once) Dose Volume

    Administration Period

    Under 2kg

    1/2 tablet

    For minor ailments: Administer every day for 2 weeks.

    For major ailments: Administer every day for 4 weeks.


    1 tablet


    1.5 tablets


    2 tablets


    2.5 tablets


    Packaging Unit

    100 Tablets (10 tablets per sheet in individual blisters X 10)



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