We, ELT Science Corporation, aim to create a healthy society where animals and humans can coexist.



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Thank you for visiting the website of our company
which specializes in biotechnology veterinary medicine.

The future of this field is a promising industry full of unlimited potential which provides protection and health & welfare to all kinds of animals, such as companion animals which are considered to be our family members, economic animals which supply what we can eat, and wild animals which help maintain the ecosystem.

Currently, we at ELT Science Corporation are getting positive responses from our customers, not only from the domestic market also from the overseas market by researching, developing, and manufacturing prominent bio medicine for both companion animals and economic animals and by amalgamating the veterinary medicine infrastructure based on up-to-date biotechnology.

In addition, we’ve created a new niche market and OEM market by developing and manufacturing new products through strategic alliances with related companies in order to overcome constraints like the enormous costs of R&D and marketing that most pharmaceutical companies experience.

We will continue to research & develop the products demanded by the market and devote ourselves to manufacture and supply the most effective products with the utmost quality to our customers to make them satisfied.

All the Staff and Administration at ELT Science Corporation