We, ELT Science Corporation, aim to create a healthy society where animals and humans can coexist.


Introduction of the Company

. About ELT SCIENCE . Introduction of the Company

  • Biotechnology Veterinary Medicine Leading Company - ELT Science Corporation
    ELT pursues a much better environment and life based on science and technology.
    We, ELT Science Corporation, are one of the leading companies in the veterinary medicine industries, contributing to enriching people’s lives by providing environmentally friendly research, development, manufacturing, and any other related services in veterinary medicine to enhance health & welfare conditions of both companion animals and economic animals and their productivity.
  • Company Profile
    Company Profile
    Corporate Name ELT Science Corporation
    Date of Foundation February 5th, 2002
    Type of Business Research & Manufacturing of Veterinary Medicine
    Business Registration Number 314-81-48111
    CEO HyungKyu Choi