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R & D

Introduction of Research Center

. R & D . Introduction of Research Center

ELT Science Corporation
To Leap Forward to Become the World's Leading Animal Biotech-Industry Company

Veterinary Medicine Research Center was founded in October, 2003 in order to realize one of the visions of ELT Science Corporation to become the world’s leading animal biotech-industry company. It was officially certified as a company-affiliated R&D center by The Ministry of Science and Technology in March, 2004.

At this research center, we focus on developing new future-oriented products which have high added-value by applying biotechnology. We are also involved in the excavation of new material & development of its exploration technology, extraction of physiological active substances and its application methods, and the study of drug delivery systems & routes of administration for each animal as well as various research to improve the performance of existing veterinary medicine.

In order to achieve these goals effectively, we have been making strong efforts in research and development of new products with international competitiveness through industry-academia joint research, exchanging information with related domestic and international professional researchers, universities, and animal hospitals. From this, we can assure you that we are gaining tangible results.